It is time once again for the Beirut International Wine and Drinks Fair, one of the most eagerly awaited events at HORECA 2011.

Connaisseurs of fine wines from around the world who visit the show’s elegant Wine Pavilion will have an unrivalled opportunity to sample the latest offerings from the best local producers in the region.

Lebanon has a long and proud history of producing wine and has a growing reputation in the international wine trade as an emerging producer whose high-end wines can rank easily with those from South America, South Africa, Eastern Europe and Australia. Wine-lovers will be able to compare these fine local vintages with those from other renowned wine producing countries such France who will be exhibiting nearby in one of the many international pavilions that feature in this year’s event.

Over the Four days, Najib Moutran, who has over 25 years experience in the wine industry, will host the Wine Lab. A series of workshops focusing on local wine and arak, latest releases as well as blind taste

The focus, however, is not only on wines and spirits. In other parts of the show importers and distributors of non-alcoholic beverages will be displaying a tempting array of soft drinks, juices and mineral waters.

Editor’s Notes_______________________________________________________________________________________

With HORECA Lebanon in its 18th edition for 2011as well as showcasing HORECA Kuwait and the International Hospitality Forum in Jordan, HORECA KSA is a landmark addition to what is the region’s most successful and professional hospitality gathering.

HORECA is the regional stage for new trends!

HORECA is an interactive and unique show that has innovation at its very core. Exhibitors and visitors alike are all focused on future catering trends and their benefits.

HORECA offers a unique opportunity for industry players to meet and compare ideas, discover market innovations and fire up their creativity. It is also a unique occasion for those in the industry to enjoy each other’s company and to celebrate Beirut’s festival of taste in a venue where everything has been specifically designed for the occasion.

This year, France is the country of honor at HORECA 2011.