Culinary competitions are always a major feature in the program for HORECA  this year the popular Hospitality Salon Culinaire has attracted 200+ talented chefs who are all eager to do culinary battle in 19 categories before a distinguished international jury.

Hospitality students will have their turn to show off their skills in the Junior Chefs Competition, an event that is sure to reveal some of the master chefs of the future. Cooking competitions are always a great attraction and knowledgeable audiences watch intently as eager chefs work against the clock in friendly competition to create their culinary masterpieces.

Categories include long-standing favorites such as wedding cakes and other display pieces, Arabic sweets and a six-course set dinner menu. These will be judged alongside new entries such as Viennese pastries and Lebanese dishes.

With this strong line-up of chefs and categories, these competitions are sure to offer something to tempt everyone’s palate at HORECA 2011.

Editor’s Notes_______________________________________________________________________________________

With HORECA Lebanon in its 18th edition for 2011as well as showcasing HORECA Kuwait and the International Hospitality Forum in Jordan, HORECA KSA is a landmark addition to what is the region’s most successful and professional hospitality gathering.

HORECA is the regional stage for new trends!

HORECA is an interactive and unique show that has innovation at its very core. Exhibitors and visitors alike are all focused on future catering trends and their benefits.

HORECA offers a unique opportunity for industry players to meet and compare ideas, discover market innovations and fire up their creativity. It is also a unique occasion for those in the industry to enjoy each other’s company and to celebrate Beirut’s festival of taste in a venue where everything has been specifically designed for the occasion.

This year, France is the country of honor at HORECA 2011.