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Mohamed Al Rifai&Saleh Yacoub Al Homaizi Settlement
July 17, 2014
As part of an amicable settlement reached between the parties, Al Homaizi and Al Rifai have settled their differences and all...
Touch Supports Local Festivals
July 08, 2014
With the beginning of summer season and the launching of tourism activities in Lebanon, touch the leading mobile teleco...
Opening of the Garden Show in its 11th edition
May 27, 2014
Beirut, May 27, 2014. The Garden Show opened on Tuesday, May 27th for 5 days of cheerfulness and good mood, an event long...
HORECA: a rousing success
April 03, 2014
This year’s four day event was a rousing success as exhibitors from all over the world came together at Beirut’s BEIL center....