Hospitality Industry Races 42K!
December 06, 2011

The Hospitality Relay Race is back in the Beirut Marathon with Edde Sands Team winning the 42K race!

During the Beirut Marathon, Hospitality Services organized its 5th Hospitality Relay Race that took place on the 27th of November.

Teams included Hands on and Brainstorm, Al Falamanki, Le Sushi Bar, Blends (Café Blanc, Waterlemon) and Edde Sands and competed for first prize and a place on the winning podium. 

Lead by Naim El Turk, Farez Azar, Mohamad Ahmad, Fady Ghayad, George Emile and Youssef Wehbe from the Edde Sands Team relayed each other and were first to cross the finish line at Martyr’s Square. The Sushi bar team came in second as Blends team won third place.

The winners were crowned champions during the award ceremony that took place on the same day of the race at 6 pm in the presence of President of Beirut Marathon Association Mrs. May el Khalil and Managing Director of Hospitality Services s.a.r.l. Mrs. Joumana Dammous Salamé, who handed out prizes to the winning teams.

The Hospitality Relay Race revealed the team spirit that is essential to the hospitality industry. This team spirit is so well embedded in the hospitality people that it extends far beyond the working place and onto the race field. The teams, who were racing in their official working uniform, were cheered on by both the public and the industry, which proudly applauded their colleagues in a show of what hospitality is all about!